• Show & Tell

    Show and Tell is a proven method to assist you in passing first time, this is designed to work out if you are ready for the practical driving test and if not how far away, a mock test is created determine your level before potentially committing at the wrong time.


    At the start of the practical driving test, the driving examiner will ask you two how me, tell me questions (also known as the vehicle safety questions).


    So it is obviously wise to brush up and be prepared for anything an examiner will throw at you.


    A "Tell Me" question could be to do with explaining how to check the tyre pressure for example.


    A “Show Me” question is normally a physical act to show the examiner how you would do something, for example test the indicator.


    In the live test you cannot fail your driving test if you get any of the questions wrong but you could get one driving fault if you answer one or two questions incorrectly.

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